For more information on any of the initiatives described on this website, please reach out to the lab Principal investigator: Dr Jill Crossman at . Additionally you can visit our twitter page at

Dr Jill Crossman

Jill is an Assistant Professor at the University of Windsor, who has been leading research into microplastics, nutrients and harmful algal blooms. She runs the microplastics laboratory at Windsor and is currently leading several federal research grants worth >$2 million

PhD Student: Mercedes Lavoy

Mercedes obtained her law degree from the University of Windsor in 2010 and practiced at a local law firm until 2018, when she returned to the University to begin working towards her PhD in Earth Sciences. She is investigating the movement and removal of microplastics within wastewater treatment plants, and identifying the treatment stages responsible for microplastics transfer into biosolids. Mercedes is an expert in microplastics analysis in soils, biosolids and freshwater.

PhD Student: Yu-Ting Chen

Yu-Ting Chen completed an MSc in Environmental Management in 2018 and is now studying for her PhD in Environmental Sciences. She is researching the bioavailability of nutrients and their stoichiometry within a river-lake continuum, using state of the art, real-time wet chemical analysers.

Yu-Ting, who is co-supervised by Professor Chris Weisener is also characterizing the complex multi-stressor relationships between nutrients, sediments, in-stream biogeochemical processes and nearshore development of harmful algal blooms using models.

Postodoctoral Research Fellow: Dr Baturh Yarkwan

Dr Yarkwan is a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of the Environment, who is leading the daily research activities of Dr Crossman’s most recent research into mechanisms of microplastics removal from biosolids. Dr Yarkwan’s PhD focused on the application of enzyme biotechnology in the removal of micropollutants in wastewater effluents.

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